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The Athlete

Valeria Sesto is an elite, international, endurance athlete and holistic high performance coach. As an athlete, she has competed at the highest levels and has a deep understanding of the mental and physical demands of sport. As a coach, she helps athletes reach their full potential through a holistic approach that integrates physical training, nutrition, and mental preparation. Her approach is grounded in the latest research and is tailored to each athlete's unique needs and goals.

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Our Services


Triathlon, running, swimming, yoga camps with a strong focus on nutrition and general health as well as sports and performance. Generally based in the South of France and Lanzarote


Individual and group coaching , in person in the New Forest area, South of England and remotely. One-to-one consultations and tailored mentoring.

Running, swimming, triathlon.


We love sharing what we do and

help others reach out their dreams. 

Wether through talks, small workshops or one-to-one mentoring , we get our mindsets sharpen up together.


The team

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